At Stir, our shelves are lined with a carefully edited collection of titles from domestic and international publishers that span a range of subjects including cuisine, pastry, wine, spirits, cheese, and food writing. All books are available for perusal and purchase. Below please find our seasonal selection of new releases and staff favorites.


by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sam Tamimi

After two successful cookbooks, Ottolenghi and Plenty, Yotam Ottolenghi and Sam Tamimi have created another wonderful book.  Laced with stories of their childhoods on opposite sides of Jerusalem, Yotam and Sam present a series of diverse recipes steeped in the traditions of the city of their youth.  Yotam’s Jewish and Sam’s Palestinian memories and experiences blend to create a heady mélange of flavors and textures about a city defined by its Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities. Traditional recipes such as latkes and hummus are presented alongside modern ones such as roasted chicken with clementines and arak and braised eggs with lamb, tahini and sumac. They all make you crave the flavors of the historic city of Jerusalem. Double head notes provide context and history while offering technical advice and insight about substitutions, variations and pairings.  The book tells an ancient and modern story, one completely worth experiencing and tasting.  October 16. Hardcover $35.00.


by Shelly Lindgren and Matthew Accarino with Kate Leahy

Wine director and co-owner Shelly Lindgren and Executive Chef Matthew Accarino of SPQR in San Francisco expertly explore and explain the wine and food of central and northern Italy from Lazio to Liguria.   In over 300 pages and 80 recipes, Lindgren and Accarino present diverse recipes from the traditional to the contemporary, ranging from bucatini with nettles, pancetta, and black pepper, to ramp spaghetti with crab and sea urchin butter.  Similar to its sibling restaurant A16 in San Francisco, SPQR is serving wonderful modern Italian wine and food built on the foundation of traditional sensibilities.  This book captures their work in a deft and inspiring manner that will entice you to cook comforting weeknight meals or elaborate weekend dinner parties. October 16. Harcover $35.00

Bouchon Bakery

by Thomas Keller & Sebastien Rouxel

Simply put, this is the sweet volume the world has been waiting for from Thomas Keller!  With the help of Executive Pastry Chef Sebastien Rouxel, Keller lays out a spread of desserts inspired by his childhood favorites alongside French classics he learned during his training in France.  Oreos are interpreted as TKOs, while the traditional baguette and macaron are presented flawlessly.  Like the four books that already bear his name, Bouchon Bakery is big, actually the biggest, coming in at 400 pages and containing over 250 mesmerizing photographs from Deborah Jones.  During his tenure as Executive Pastry Chef, Sebastien Rouxel carefully tested and refined the recipes that fill this volume.  His familiarity and experience are evident through insights and advice that help ensure consistency, and elevate texture and flavor to their pinnacle.  Alongside the French Laundry, Bouchon, Under Pressure, and Ad Hoc at Home this book is an indispensable education that will add to any cook’s repertoire, no matter the skill level! October 23. Hardcover $50.00

Canal House Cooks Every Day

by Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton

Former Saveur Magazine staff members and Canal House Cooking proprietors Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton are proud self-proclaimed home cooks.  Follow their blog or twitter feed and you are greeted each day by images of a simple breakfast, lunch, or dinner lovingly prepared in their Canal House kitchen. The daily preparation of simple seasonal meals, such as braised chicken with mushrooms or smoked salmon with fresh chives, fills over 380 pages and encompasses 200 recipes. Essays and anecdotes on everything from braising to preserving provide insightful tips and wisdom gleaned from experience. Hirsheimer’s photography is alluring and textural, drawing you to cook and eat.  Whether craving a plain mid-afternoon snack, feeding a hungry family on a weeknight, or impressing dinner guests at a holiday meal, Canal House Cooks Every Day will satisfy. October 30. Hardcover $45.00

The Foothills Cuisine of Blackberry Farm

by Sam Beall

In the pages of this book, Sam Beall, the owner of Blackberry Farm, explains how he and his team walk the line between refined and rugged to create dishes that draw on haute cuisine and the country food of the Smokey Mountains.  Over the course of 288 pages organized by seasons, Beall focuses on four main artisanal crafts: cheesemaking, gardening, preserving, and butchery and charcuterie.  These seasons and crafts yield recipes including apple butter, home-cured bacon, and rice flour-encrusted pike. As in his previous book, The Blackberry Farm Cookbook, ingredients, technique, clear explanations, and stunning photography come together with soulful and personal care to bring southern flavors steeped in tradition to your table. October 30. Hardcover $60.00

The Complete Nose to Tail: A Kind of British Cooking

by Fergus Henderson

Chef and owner of St. JOHN restaurant in London, Fergus Henderson is the king of offal and whole beast cooking. His small black and white cookbooks Nose to Tail Eating and Beyond Nose to Tail Eating are cult references among chefs and offal lovers the world over.  Now these two books will be available in a single volume with a dozen additional recipes and more black and white photographs from Jason Lowe.  Through 400 pages, and in excess of 260 recipes, Henderson presents dishes such as deep-fried tripe, devilled kidneys, and eccles cakes. The Complete Nose to Tail is the most definitive nose to tail cookbook ever written and will be a most desirable choice of all. October 11. UK Import. Hardcover$60.00

Cuisinier Gascon

by Pascal Aussignac

Stir Assistant General Manager Abby Gregory recommends:

“I would sum up Cuisinier Gascon in a single sentence: Foie gras, fat, and a little bit of Spain!!  Chef Aussignac covers the tenets of Gascony’s traditional cooking from southwest France perfectly. He combines the flavors and techniques of his childhood home, close to the Spanish boarder, with a modern small plate sensibility to present truly original dishes.  Frogs’ legs with olivade and avocado, rolled foie gras with piquillo peppers, and rabbit legs with squid and chorizo are delicious.  His chapter on foie gras is wonderful and includes foie gras sangria and terrine of foie gras with rabbit and lettuce. These ideas are paired with beautiful fold-out explanations of ingredients and areas within Gascony.  If you enjoy French cooking, this is a book you should totally have.”

UK edition $35.00

A Girl and Her Pig

by April Bloomfield

Stir Chef de Cuisine Kristen Kish recommends:

”A Girl and Her Pig is an honest celebration of the tactile pleasure of cooking and eating.  Bloomfield’s British sensibility blends well with an Italian attitude and ethos centered on ingredients and emotion.  Ironically, her recipes for ‘fine swine’ (pork) are great, but her enthusiastic recipes for salads are amazing. The radish salad is a hands on, no holds barred salad you must try.  The fish chapter, ‘Meat without Feet,’ is really summed up in a single dish: mussels stuffed with mortadella.  Awesome!  Her measurements aren’t fussy, her tone is candid, and her advice – ‘If you don’t cook something again and again, then how can you learn from it’ – is about as honest as cooking advice can be.  Buy it, it’ll make you hungry, then it’ll make you cook.”